Showing women’s breasts and — heaven forbid — a nip slip on social media is a huge no-no, and aside from mothers’ photos of breastfeeding being censored, showing nipples in a breast self-exam is apparently not OK either. Since one in eight women will suffer from breast cancer, and early detection is crucial for beating this disease, it’s imperative to show women the correct way to check themselves.

So an ad agency from Buenos Aires got creative and decided to use man boobs instead of lady boobs to show women over 25 how to check their breasts and to encourage them to do so regularly. #ManBoobs4Boobs cleverly works around not being able to show women’s breasts and also sends the message that this is an issue men need to think about as well. It may be hard to watch this lovely woman fondling this man’s nipples, but it sure got your attention, didn’t it? Now go check yourself! And share this video with the ladies you love to remind them to do breast self-exams as well.

Source: Who Knew Man Boobs Could Save So Many Women's Lives? : PopSugar