Let’s be honest: our trips to Starbucks are typically not our most health-focused endeavors, and we don’t usually venture to the land of the Frappuccino with hopes of cutting calories. Right? With that being said, I have actually found Starbucks to be my healthiest pit stop while I’m traveling.

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As a frequent road-tripper, I make the eight-hour (at least) haul between San Diego, CA, and San Francisco quite often, and I can tell you firsthand that if you don’t pack food, your choices are limited. Let’s just say that California’s Interstate 5 isn’t exactly brimming with healthful roadside options. I find myself craving a quinoa chicken salad, only to be greeted by a truck-stop Denny’s and Panda Express.

Fortunately, more and more little green and white mermaid signs have cropped up, meaning there’s a bit of healthy hope. From hearty vegetable salads to bistro boxes full of cheese, fruit, and veggies, you can easily find a healthy meal . . . so long as you don’t get distracted by a Smoked Butterscotch Frappuccino.

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Source: Eating on the Go? Try These Surprisingly Healthy Choices From Starbucks : PopSugar