When I first moved to San Francisco, I signed up for a class called Best Butt Ever at Equinox. I had no idea what to expect, but I was sold on the name alone. Who doesn’t want the best butt ever?!

I immediately fell in love with the tush-targeting conditioning class, and the class’s instructor, wellness coach Caroline Jordan. Caroline brings an unparalleled energy to the studio, and through every will-power-testing move, squat, leg lift, and cardio sequence, she reminds you (not so subtly) to tell yourself, “MY BUTT LOVES ME,” as you press on through the burn.

She also emphasizes the importance of training your glutes and your rear not for aesthetics, but for your general health. As a proponent of gluteal health, Jordan encourages her students and clients to “wake up their butt” to reduce fatigue and back pain, protect the knee joints, and create overall strength.

Jordan is letting us share a sneak preview of her Best Butt Ever class, with three booty-burning bodyweight exercises you can do right at home. After you try these three moves, Jordan says to “notice how your body feels when you give it a little bit of movement, strength, energy, and power.”

Check out Jordan’s three favorite moves — you’ll probably be familiar with some! And take my word for it: these moves look simple, but they are going to transform your backside.

Source: 3 Booty-Blasting Moves From a Class Called "Best Butt Ever" : PopSugar