DubzSoPrettyDubzSoPretty 2 years

wish there was a print option. definitely plan on trying this though.

Audrey14572331Audrey14572331 2 years

Just found this, and it’s great! The splits (both ways–within a maximum number of inches from the ground) are a required component of a tae kwon do black belt! I think I will make the kids do these with me 🙂

elizabethturner1aelizabethturner1a 3 years

Stretching and flexibility classes can be taken atu00a0 “Get More Flexible”u00a0 (in New South Wales, Australia) www.getmoreflexible.weebly.comu00a0 They specialise in getting all the splits perfectly straight and if you’re advanced, youu00a0work towards oversplits! u00a0 x Elizabeth

EatStylePlayEatStylePlay 3 years

my legs are the tightest thing on my body so i’ll def being trying these.

SexyFitLatina68SexyFitLatina68 4 years

 @Anonymous I just do a copy past into word format with the pictures & instructions to help… It’s easier that way! Some programs let you format it into PDF as well, but I don’t mind it on Word either…

Mindy1986Mindy1986 4 years

Does there really have to be a pop up ad on EVERY freaking article I want to read from your site? I mean really FitSugar? Its just plane annoying.

sports-and-fitness-charlotte-ncsports-and-fitness-charlotte-nc 4 years

Excessive & aggressive static stretching will inhibit your muscles ability to contract, static stretching has been scientifically proven to weaken your muscles and if you understand anatomy you are manually taking your muscles out of the optimal length (assuming you have no muscle imbalances already). Warmup with dynamic movements. If you are going to do squats, perform body weight squats. I really don’t see the purpose in doing splits unless your a gymnast (but the same applies that i mentioned above). Stretching feels good, but aside from that, there is really not much benefit. What we should really try to do is activate ALL muscles and identify/correct any muscle imbalances. This in itself will improve ROM w/o decreasing strength or altering the length tension relationships. http://www.taylorcarpenter-pt.com

roma18roma18 4 years

this is great !!! i have never been flexible enough to do spilts! now i’m gonna try with these stretches! of course i will also take mt time n not rush it! lol…

awesomepantsawesomepants 4 years

I’m terrified of the splits. When I was younger my mom used to tell us that if we did the splits our lady areas would explode (my parents used to scare us all the time because they thought it was fun). Anyway, I believed it and for some reason the fear is still in me.

mcfollymcfolly 6 years

Never been able to do the splits, but I am pretty bendy in other joints (esp. arms). Fingers crossed that I can someday achieve this!

crazylovevbugcrazylovevbug 6 years

Fit, how often do you recommend doing these stretches to get us there?

susanecsusanec 6 years

Things I should not do. Sometimes it’s possible to be too flexible.

LimoneLimone 6 years

I love doing the spilts! I can do the splits with either leg in front of me, but not with both out to the side. How weird/frustrating is that?

Run2bfree067Run2bfree067 6 years

Can’t wait to learn how, I’ve been trying to do the slpitz for so long just by holding myself as far as I can go, thanks for the shortcut!

bailaoragaditanabailaoragaditana 6 years

Ohhh, splits. How I love you so! These are great exercises, Fit, thanks! I shall be trying them out this morning 🙂

georgie2georgie2 6 years

Wow this is exactly what I need, as I’ve just set this goal (to do the splits) a few weeks ago! It’s like you’re reading my mind sometimes!

dd-sugardd-sugar 6 years

I can still do the splits since my cheerleading days in the 70s! I stretch every morning before getting out of bed, sort of bed yoga I guess. Also do my yoga stretching, pilates-type moves before bed. I hate taking pain meds for back aches and pains so I invest time in daily maintenance. It’s important!!

cotedazurcotedazur 6 years

I’m the least flexible person ever, but would love to change that — thanks for the post, Fit!

Source: Wanna Do a Split? 9 Poses to Make It Happen : PopSugar