If you love (or begrudgingly tolerate for the sake of your health) juicing, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the process of shopping, buying, washing, juicing, and then clearing up the pulpy remains of fresh vegetables. Now, an invention called the Juicero Press wants to change that. It’s being called “the Keurig of juicing” thanks to its quick, easy-to-use countertop cold press and disposable packs of organic, raw produce used to create cups of juice in seconds.

According to Business Wire, these disposable packs take the work out of juicing.

Juicero’s proprietary Packs contain 100 percent raw, organic produce that is triple washed, chopped, mixed, packed and delivered to your home ready for juicing. The innovative design allows the produce to breathe until the moment of pressing, ensuring fresh juice in every glass. At launch, Packs will come in five flavors: Greens, Sweet Greens, Spicy Greens, Carrot Beet, and Sweet Roots.

To use, Juicero owners need simply place one of these packs into the cold press, press a button, and toss the empty pack after their juice is dispensed. This seamless process is undeniably appealing, especially considering the time saved preparing and cleaning the produce, but it also calls into question the same issue that Keurig K-Cups have been criticized for: wastefulness. Some might consider the Juicero packaging a fault avoided through traditional juicing methods.

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However, for juice-lovers who are crunched for time, Juicero is a perfect solution. Californians can purchase their own press ($699) and Juicero produce packs ($4-$10) now, and juicers elsewhere will be able to get their hands on one when it launches nationwide soon. Let us know what you think about this odd, efficient little appliance in the comments!

Source: This "Keurig of Juicing" Could Totally Change Your Life : PopSugar