If you’ve been having trouble falling or staying asleep, it may be time to consider a nightcap. Skip the alcohol and try an herbal tea, sleep-specific drink, or even chocolate milk (say what?!). And these suggestions are coming from experience — I’ve had some sleep issues in the past, and I’ve tried these six drinks before bedtime with much sleepy-time success to report back on.

For example: two nights prior to my first half marathon, I couldn’t sleep at ALL. When the eve of the race came, I knew I’d have to step up my game: I grabbed a NeuroSleep and Yogi Bedtime tea. Before I knew it, the stress was melting away, and I was fast asleep, with enough rest for my 4 a.m. wakeup call.

The components in these herbal- or mineral-based drinks all have the same goal in mind: getting you to relax and sleep soundly. Here’s are some ingredients to look for (all of which can be found in the following drink roundup!).

  • Valerian root is known to mitigate anxiety and has sedative qualities
  • L-theanine releases dopamine, and has a stress-reducing effect that helps you fall asleep more easily
  • Melatonin is the natural hormone created by your body that helps you fall asleep
  • Magnesium is an antistress, anti-anxiety mineral, and reduces cramping, allowing you to comfortably nod off
  • Vitamin B complex positively affects mood, while relaxing the mind and body
  • Chamomile acts as a mild sedative, calming you for a peaceful slumber

Source: These 6 Natural Nightcaps Will Send You Off to the Land of Nod : PopSugar