With so many amazing sports bras out there in the athletic-wear universe, one can easily become overwhelmed by all the choices. Simultaneously, you might feel a little frustrated — which one of these is going to be comfortable and supportive for my workout? Will it fit? Will it look nice? I have so many questions?

Bra shopping in general can be frustrating enough; compound that with your athletic endeavors and needs, and you may feel like you’re on the brink of insanity. It’s going to be okay! We have different (supercute) sports bras, broken down by impact level, high, medium, and low — and cup size from small to large, at a variety of price points. Check out these options and find the right fit.

  • High-impact: Think running or jogging, contact sports, plyometrics (bootcamps, HIIT, Tabata, etc), and anything that causes a lot of bouncing (like gymnastics).
  • Medium-impact: Dance cardio, hiking, Spin or cycling, and machines like the elliptical.
  • Low-impact: Strength training, yoga, barre, Pilates, and walking.

Source: The Right Sports Bra For Every Workout (And Cup Size) : PopSugar