Sometimes the trick to getting healthier and losing weight starts in very small ways; even the tiniest of changes in your habits can lead to drastic success. Author Matthew Kelly once said, “If a plane from London to New York changes its direction just five degrees south, it will end up in Venezuela.” Keep that idea in mind the next time you’re heading for a fast food lunch!

Let’s start with one small change: opt for something more nutritious at Panera, in lieu of your usual sandwich or pastry. Although a big-box fast casual restaurant, Panera offers the kind of ingredients and plates that are often seen at the likes of high-end health food cafes. And while a trip to Panera rarely beckons a salad order (Hello! There are fresh-baked breads here!), it’s got a variety of health-conscious menus (including sodium- and gluten-sensitive) and “clean pairings,” meaning there are mindful, healthful options on offer, en masse. And unlike those high-end cafes, these healthy choices are pretty darn affordable.

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Source: Panera Has Some of the Healthiest Fast Food and You Should Probably Be Eating It : PopSugar