Blood sugar balance
Diets low in biotin impair the production of insulin, a key hormone in the balancing of blood sugar. More recently, researchers have shown that deficiency of biotin also affects the way insulin acts on cells, giving a second reason that low biotin intake potentially creates problems.
Happily, many of the biotin-rich foods we list are also strong sources of fiber, which make them great staples for people with blood sugar problems. Demonstrating this point, a Spanish research group reported that adding about an ounce of mixed nuts into the diet for 12 weeks led to significant improvement in blood sugar control in a group of people at high risk of developing diabetes.
Skin health
Deficiency of biotin is also known to cause skin rash. This symptom occurs because biotin is necessary to build healthy fats in the skin. These fats keep the skin supple and moist, and when they are gone, the skin becomes flaky and irritated.
Back in the 1940s, a researcher demonstrated that adding high biotin foods into the diet of a lactating mother reduced symptoms of cradle cap in nursing infants. Although this research hasn’t been followed up in more modern settings, we think that nursing moms could consider focusing on foods high in both biotin and omega-3 fatty acids , including salmon and eggs from pasture-raised chickens.
Source: What are the main health benefits of the B complex vitamin, biotin? : WH Foods