Miley Cyrus lives a pretty wild and colorful life. How does she keep it together? Yoga, of course. And not just any kind of yoga. She’s into Ashtanga, a very traditional, very structured, and very intense practice, as you can see from the videos below. And Miley does yoga for all the right reasons. Not for getting a strong, flexible, and toned body (although it sure helps her get one) but to calm and steady her mind.

Oh, how we’d love to unroll our mats and get sweaty doing Primary Series next to Miley! Her practice is beautiful, and for her to have the dedication to practice on her own at home is more than inspiring. Thanks for the nudge, Miley! Going to go whip out a few Sun Salutations right now.

Source: We Agree With Miley 100 Percent on This : PopSugar