Train your kids to have healthy habits with a FAMILY workout at home!

Posted by FLYUP FITNESS on Monday, March 14, 2016

Fitting in a workout can be hard, especially if you have two young children. But that hasn’t stopped Brent Kruithof. Instead of putting off workouts, Brent, who founded FlyUp Fitness, has found ways to incorporate his children into the action. In this adorable video, you’ll see Brent’s toddler son planking alongside his dad, doing the most adorable crunches we’ve ever seen, and even throwing in some somersaults. All the while, the littlest member of the brood is strapped securely onto to Brent’s back.

“My favorite part about working out with my family is that exercising doesn’t pull me away from [them],” Brent told us. “Exercising can be something that people dread all day long, but when I’m having fun with my family, it’s never something I dread.” And when you see the cute smile Brent’s son flashes while his dad is doing push-ups, you’ll agree, it’s some pretty solid motivation to keep going!

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Source: Watching This Dad Work Out Alongside His Adorable Sons Is Sure to Melt Your heart : PopSugar