Nothing in this world could possibly feel better than “coming from the depths of hell” to win a 4 x400 relay in the last lap, but University College Cork runner Phil Healy accomplished the incredible feat.

During the Irish University Athletics Association race on April 16th, Healy started off trailing behind her competitors in 5th place; you don’t even see her running for the first 30 seconds of the video! The runners — including a future Olympian — dashed past her at the pass of the baton. However, she began to gain speed ahead of her fellow runners and pressed the gas on a run that would accelerate her to catch up with her competitors.

With only 130 meters left, Phil gained traction and powered past the leading runners. She told the Washington Post, “With 130 meters to go I was like yeah, I’m feeling good they are not that far ahead of me, let’s get third place”. But as she settled for the third spot, Healy ended up increasing her speed, sprinting past the front runners, and ending up over the finish line to win the race. She ended her run with a victorious fall, and the only thing more satisfying than watching her triumph is hearing the elated commentators follow her every move. Watch the video to see the unbelieveable moment happen.

Source: This Runner's Victory Across The Finish Line Will Be The Most Satisfying Thing You See Today : PopSugar