There are so many reasons we love Kayla Itsines, but chief among them has to be the way she puts the spotlight on others before herself (not a common quality in an Instagram star!). Kayla created the intense workout plan, Bikini Body Guide, which has literally transformed the bodies of women the world over.

You can see that aforementioned spotlight on her Instagram in all the before-and-after photos she regrams. Through positivity, encouragement, and inclusion, she’s empowered a community of women all over the world who are working for their best lives and best bodies. From extreme weight-loss journeys to post-pregnancy goals to women recovering from eating disorders and getting strong — we’ve seen it all on Kayla’s Instagram, and each story is incredible.

These transformation before-and-after photos will inspire you, if not outright leave you in tears. The smiles alone on the after photos are tear-inducing; the pride and sense of accomplishment is palpable. Get ready to feel ALL THE FEELS.

Source: These Total-Body Transformations From the BBG Workouts Will Have Your Jaw on the Floor : PopSugar