Rebecca-ZagerRebecca-Zager 2 years

Try making salted pancakes with oatmeal and adding finely chopped onions,tomatoes ,and parsley…tastes great,and helps you in cutting down sugar intake..

Donna8099599Donna8099599 3 years

I love all your info you have thanks so much trying to lose weight

Delicious-Diets-DesignDelicious-Diets-Design 4 years

Yup almonds are definitely one of them. Also almonds have effects like- 1. Reduce heart diseases 2. Lower LDL Cholesterol 3. Full of vitamin E that enhances your living experience.  But must be remembered that it’s full of fat as well.

Delicious-Diets-DesignDelicious-Diets-Design 4 years

Extra belly fat is likely to diminish when you begin to follow a low-calorie diet plan and a physical fitness program. It’s seen that daily, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and weight training are perfect for getting rid of tummy fat. If you don’t currently exercise, the American Council on Exercise advises building up to 5 or 6 45-minute sessions a week that incorporate strength, cardio and flexibility. Along with eating fruit every single day, the National Institutes of Health advises slimming down by eating low-calorie foods from the whole grain, vegetable, lean protein and low-fat dairy groups.

bctimmonsbctimmons 4 years

I buy blueberries when they are in season and on sale. Wash them and just put in the freezer. You will always have them!!

heirloom1heirloom1 4 years

You forgot flaxseed…mix it with your oatmeal and it is great.

arcticpuppetarcticpuppet 4 years

i wish blueberries were always in season :/

PursyPursy 4 years

Great post!

Source: The 5 Best Belly-Flattening Foods : PopSugar