Coinciding with an alarming rise in suicide rates in the U.S., Facebook has released tools that will hopefully save lives, an announcement yesterday revealed. Now if you see a post—from anywhere in the world—that is suggestive of suicide or self-harm, there’s a drop-down menu that can help. Simply click “report this post,” “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook,” and then the self-harm/suicide option. It will prompt you to reach out to the person in distress (using their suggested language, if you prefer) or flag it for Facebook to evaluate. A specially trained team monitors the flags 24/7 and can respond. The tool also features information on prevention and what to do if a user feels suicidal as well as contact information for help lines (see below). We’re all about Facebook using its extraordinary reach to assist those in need.

Image: Facebook/Facebook Safety

(h/t The New York Times)