When we talked to Carrie Underwood about her favorite healthy snacks, she mentioned she always packs protein chips when she’s traveling. Chips as a healthy snack?! This was something we had to try for ourselves.

While we’ve yet to try her go-to brand, Simply Protein, we were dying to try protein chips. So, when iWon Protein Chips showed up at our office, we jumped at the chance. A serving of these chips is just under two ounces and clocks in with 20 grams of protein — ounce-per-ounce, that’s more than a piece of chicken. The chips are gluten-free, loaded with iron and fiber, and contain zero grams of sugar. The goal is to fill you up while snacking so you don’t want to keep snacking, hence the heavy amounts of protein. The iron will provide a nice boost in energy, too, while the fiber keeps you regulated and debloated.

So how do they taste? In true POPSUGAR Fitness fashion, we put it up to a taste test. The results were pretty mixed: those who went in expecting a light potato chip were not satisfied, but those who anticipated a healthy protein-rich snack enjoyed them. Here are some key takeaways from our tasters’ responses:

The positive:

  • I’d eat post-workout!
  • BBQ is a good flavor
  • A bit bland, but I would eat a bag and be happy
  • Tastes just like a cracker
  • Paired with hummus would be better
  • Not bad!
  • Kind of like a savory protein powder
  • I like that it has 33 percent protein
  • Would be good with guacamole or dip

The less positive:

  • They are good at the start but they go tasteless
  • The taste at first is okay, then it all goes to hell
  • Consistency is weird
  • Cardboard
  • Stale cardboard
  • Kinda cardboardy
  • Texture is gross

So the verdict? Prepare yourself for a cracker-like chip, and find an tasty hummus or edamole (that’s edamame guacamole) to go with them. Your stomach will be grateful for the protein-rich snack.

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Source: Protein Chips Might Be Your Go-To Weight-Loss Snack : PopSugar