While I mostly know Denny’s Diner now for its hilarious Twitter account, it’s also one of the most common truck stop food vendors on Interstate 5, the freeway I frequent between San Francisco and my hometown in San Diego. If you don’t want drive-through food and you’re aching to get out of the car and stretch your legs, Denny’s is often a safe bet when you’re making a pit stop. However, it’s not known for its particularly healthy choices, right?

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There are times when all I want are dino-shaped chicken nuggets, pancakes, and a milkshake . . . sure. But most of the time, I’m skipping the drive-through because I’m craving something a little healthier. Surprisingly enough, there’s an entire section of the Denny’s menu dedicated to lighter options.

Wheat pancakes? Grilled salmon? Not something you thought you could get next to a gas station, right? Order one of these plates the next time you’re on the road, away from your go-to health food restaurant and trying to make better dietary choices.

Source: On a Road Trip? Order From the Denny's Not-So-Secret Fit Menu : PopSugar