A new study shows that it is possible to reduce the level of sugar in muffins without affecting their textural properties by replacing half of the sugar content with stevianna or inulin, which are plant-based sweeteners. Also, after individuals consumed sugar-replaced muffins, their glycemic response – or the concentration of glucose in the blood – was lower than when they consumed regular muffins.

“We have applied our knowledge of food systems to investigate how food manufacturers can reduce the amount of added sugar in food products whilst still maintaining quality characteristics for the consumer,” said Dr. Margaret Brennan, co-author of the International Journal of Food Science & Technology study. “Careful selection and incorporation of low calorific natural sugar replacers into foods can lead to improved dietary intakes and control of glucose metabolism, body weight gain, and diet-related illnesses such as diabetes.”

The study is currently available online, and it will be featured in the August issue of the International Journal of Food Science & Technology, which will include additional papers on the potential of sugar replacers in foods as well as how food science research is tackling global food safety challenges.

Article: Effect of sugar replacement with stevianna and inulin on the texture and predictive glycaemic response of muffins, Gao, J., Brennan, M. A., Mason, S. L. and Brennan, C. S., International Journal of Food Science & Technology, doi: 10.1111/ijfs.13143, published online 6 June 2016.