Welcome to the Pizza Farm, Nick Offerman’s bucolic utopia with “acres of pizza, kissed by the sun, stretching as far as the eye can see.” Sounds like a dream, right? Let’s pick a slice! “Farmer Daniel” (Offerman) and crew are “growing the ripe juicy pizzas your kids love,” for healthier lunches at school, with “fresh pepperoni, straight from Mother Earth.”

This tongue-in-cheek PSA is not only ripe with pepperoni, but ripe with Offerman’s sarcastic and blunt sense of humor, urging schools to provide healthier choices for children. Because as much as we all love us some pizza, kids often don’t have access to the balanced nutrition they need. Try to contain your squeals of laughter as Offerman talks about his favorite “salad.”

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Source: Nick Offerman’s Hysterical “Healthy Pizza Farm” PSA Will Have You In Tears : PopSugar