There’s so much craze around Spin studios nowadays, and for good reason! Those classes are fun, and you get a great workout. But the truth of the matter is, these popular boutiques are available in very limited locations. Like, there are four SoulCycle locations in the Hamptons, and maybe 17 in NYC, but not a single one in San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, or Nashville.

We’re a bit spoiled in San Francisco, and get to take advantage of all types of Spin studios, including one of our favorites: Wheel House. We wanted to bring the fun to everyone who doesn’t have a boutique cycling studio in town, so we asked one of our favorite Wheel House instructors, Avery Johnson, to create a program for you. If you’re reading this from a cycle-less locale, you can now get the Spin without the studio!

Avery’s program is founded — as most Spin classes are — on a high-energy, intense, dance-centric playlist. She brings all the edge, fun, and bright pop sounds of an on-trend San Francisco playlist, curated and selected by BPMs for a strategically planned class.

Here’s her mix for your next cycling session at the gym, complete with her notes for each song. Read through and get an idea of how your “class” will go. Trust us, you’re going to feel like you’re right there in the studio with these sweet beats and Avery’s thorough instructions.

Some notes before you get started:

  • For your bike’s resistance, Avery says to break it up on a scale of one to five, with five being max resistance. “One is a flat road, five is like a mountain climb. Find your edge!”
  • If you don’t know hand positions, now is the time to get acquainted. Use our Spinning hands cheat sheet to get familiar before you dive into the instructions.

The structure:

  • Song 1: Warm up. Add on resistance to support yourself out of the saddle (standing), but not too much resistance, so you can still move easily. March to the beat! Add on a bit more resistance during each chorus to warm up those legs.
  • Song 2: Sprint. (Gear at 2 out of 5.) Keep your butt in the saddle, and get ready for two 30-second sprints during each chorus of this song. “Listen as the beat builds up — speed your legs up, then explode!”
  • Song 3: Jumps. (Gear at 2.5 out of 5.) Build speed in between each chorus. When the “beat drops” and the chorus hits, “jump” out of the saddle to run for four beats, then back down for four (squeeze your booty each time you jump up!). Repeat until chorus ends (about 30 seconds). Do this for two sets. Keep your core tight and hands light.
  • Song 4: Jog. (Gear at 2.5-3 out of 5.) This is a fast movement out of the saddle. Relax and smooth out your leg movements as much as possible — this is really going to get your glutes and thighs! Keep your hips back and hands light with your core tight. Relax through your shoulders.
  • Song 5: First Hill. (Gear starts at 2.5.) Gradually increase your resistance from 2.5 to 5 during the course of the song. Find your edge! Advanced riders, feel free to walk your booty back for counts of four during the chorus to further engage glutes. Be sure to keep core tight to protect your lower back.
  • Song 6: Second Sprint. (Gear starts at 3.) This time around, you’ll do three 30-second pushes. Start off at 3 out of 5, then 2.5 out of 5, then fly (run your legs quickly) with 2 out of 5 on resistance. You’ll hear the beat build — build with it! Then explode when the chorus hits and the beat drops.
  • Song 7: Jumps Round 2. (Gear at 2.5 out of 5.) This is the same format as your first set of jumps in song 3 (so you start in the saddle, and jump during the chorus), but this time you can add in some optional arm work. Avery says to drop arms for two push-ups (elbows drop straight in toward your rib cage, like a triceps push-up) in between each four-count jump. The first beat drop happens one minute into song. Do two 30-second jump sets for each chorus.
  • Song 8: March. (Gear at 3 out of 5.) You’re up and out of the saddle for a “mini hill.” Keep your hands out in position 3, but when the chorus hits, run those legs as fast as you can. This is really gonna burn that booty!
  • Song 9: Second Hill. (Gear at 3 out of 5.) Have fun on this one! Start in the saddle on 3 out of five. Halfway through, stand up out of the saddle and increase resistance to the end! March to the beat, of course. Advanced: walk back for 4 counts during the chorus.
  • Song 10: Lighter March (Gear at 3 out of 5) Step it out to the beat. During the chorus, tighten up your core for push-ups. “Elbows in, chest drops low. Core tight!”
  • Song 11: Sprint Home! (Gear starts at 3 out of 5.) Build up your leg speed as the song beat builds. Then 1.5 minutes into the song, drop your resistance to 2 out of 5. Once the first drop hits (at 2:06), let your legs fly for a 30-second sprint. Slow the legs for a quick break, then build back up and do it all again. The last 30-second sprint hits at 3:56. “Finish it off with a round of triceps push-ups if you’re feeling bold.” Otherwise, just roll out the legs into your cooldown!
  • Song 12: Cool Down. Take off the resistance, slow your legs down, and bring your heart rate down. March out of the saddle and stretch thoroughly. Avery says to make sure you’re getting “water, water, water,” and that “a healthy carby and protein snack” is ideal for a post-workout snack to fuel your cooldown.

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Source: Get a Spin-Class Booty From Your Gym Workout: Use This Guided Playlist : PopSugar