While we’ll always encourage you to cook at home and to choose fresh, healthful meals, we all know that life can get in the way — sometimes you end up stuck with fast food as your only option. And if that’s the case and you happen to find yourself at Subway, you’re in luck! With antibiotic-free meats and a bounty of veggies on offer, it’s a solid choice when you’re in a bind. These eight tasty options are surprisingly nutritious, and each selection is easy to deconstruct and see exactly what you’re getting in your order.

A few general pointers and order hacks:

  • Remember to add spinach to your sandwich — it’s basically like getting kale, but at a fast-food joint
  • While adding avocado will increase your fat (they’re healthy fats!), it’ll also be an exponential addition of vitamin C
  • Avoid high-sugar and high-fat condiments when possible; opt for mustard or vinegar, if not simply avocado and maybe a little salt and pepper
  • Swap your side of chips for apple slices, and opt for a water instead of a soda

Source: 8 Healthy Subway Orders For When You're on the Go : PopSugar